Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Railroad Park

I forgot to talk about the Railroad Park. We went here on Sunday. Its over in Central Point on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month up until October. We had so much fun! There is no admission charge but I bought Kyler a engineer hat and we bought some food there and of course I donated money as well. The park is run by volunteers. They have lots of cars for you to get into. A train ride, well two train rides and there is a building full of model trains. Kyler really liked and Dan and I had a blast!

Other than that one the weekends Dan has been working on our backyard a lot. We are putting in a retaining wall for the pool and need to get the in-ground sprinklers in so that we can plant some grass. I am hoping its is at least a little grassy by Sept. so we can have Kyler's birthday out there. Its still a pirate them for the moment. I tried to switch it to a Train theme and have it at the Railroad Park, Oh lord! Do not try to switch it up on that child.

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Pia said...

Hi! My sister has not been traveling. She's been visiting the solarium! Cheating if you ask me... However the sun is starting to come out and it's possible to tan a little bit outside aswell. I'm hoping to get a nice tan soon! :D