Monday, October 22, 2007

2 for 1 on blogs

So here is the weekend update. Last Christmas I paid for Dan to get 3 flight lessons. Its something he has always talked about and while I think that he think the gift rocked he hadn't gotten around to using them yet. So after getting much crap from his wife he set up his appointment. Kyler wanted to go. He cried so we asked and they said he and I could go. We flew to Gold Beach and back in like an hour. Dan flew most of the time except during the take off and landing and when the instructor was showing us what stalls are. Just on a side note Mary does NOT like stalls. Kyler however finds them extremely entertaining. After enjoying stalls and the view Kyler fell asleep. Add that to the list of things Kyler has fallen asleep on. A jet boat ride, a dune buggy ride and now in the airplane. It was great fun . I didn't get a picture of Dan cause he was all serious business and directly in front of me so all I would have got was the back of his head.
Our house from the air. Can you make out the new deck?

The Ocean. We are pretty sure its Gold Beach area.

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