Saturday, July 07, 2007

More from the 4th

Here are the pictures from the 4th from my mom's house. We had lots of family there and we did some fireworks.

Here is Dan with Kirra (Ryan my newphews little girl)

Kyler, Cody, Dad, Dan, Kirra, Ryan and Sheryl watching fireworks.
Kyler, Cody, Danielle, Dad, Kirra, Ryan and Sheryl
Kyler doing a sparkler

Maci's Sparkler

This is where Kyler spent most of the night. He didn't want to be outside he said it was too loud.


Pia said...

Looks like a nice night. Where are the pics of you?
Hugs n kisses, Pia

carrie*postma said...

such fun memories!