Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Been a bad blogger...

Hi Kids! I have been a very bad blogger lately. We have had a family member here in one shape or form. Tonight is the first night of just me Dan and Kyler. Ahhhh! So quite right now. Kyler has yet to wake up from his nap and Dan's not home yet. I should be scrapin' but hey it will come. I finished up this layout a week or so ago. Its pretty darn cute!! If I must say so myself.

Dan went to Seattle for two days, to meet with Microsoft big wigs! They want more stuff from them! And soon! So we may have to postpone our Disney vacation. Maybe in January or February. We have to go though I bought scrapbook stuff! Other than the vacation postponement the meeting went great. I am so proud of Dan! The geek I met back when he was 20 has come a long way. He is still a geek, good thing I like him that way ;)

I leave you with this cute shot of Kyler before Alex, Dan and Kyler went for a bike ride to Merlin. A little dark but you get the picture.


scrapmamma said...

oh, that is suh a sweet picture

EmmaJ said...

Mary, I love how you used Carrie's paper, and the circle on the layout is just awesome! I know what you mean about having family over and how nice it is to get things back to the norm. Enjoy your week.