Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Feeling a little crapy and very crabby...

So this Friday I will be going to My croptime retreat. Last time I went I got sick and the weekend sucked a little cause I felt so bad. So Sunday when I woke up with a sore throat I was not happy. I have been downing the vitamins c and I am feeling a little better this morning. However I am grumpy!! My poor child has to be with me today. I am trying to go easy on him though :) Thats all I have going on today well besides cooking and cleaning.
Kyler has been doing really well potty training and then last night we had a couple of set backs. He has gotten really good at going pee but not so good at the other. We have a cute sticker chart and when he gets to the end he gets something really good. I haven't decided what it is. Any suggestions??

Well I am going to try and pack some more.

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