Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Coast Trip

We started off the trip with an impromptu ride on the Sandland Adventures dune buggy. Here is Kyler waiting for the ride. While we were waiting
we did a bumper boat ride.

I rocked! I got Dan and Kyler a lot more than they got me. They were wet and I wasn't. Hehe. Here are the three of us before the ride started. We had a blast! Kyler loved it when we went down the hills fast. He did however fall asleep before the ride was over.

Kyler and me on the beach outside our hotel.

My sandy boy. He was so sandy after playing on the beach.

Then we went to the Newport Aquarium. We got there very early in the morning and had the place mostly to ourselves. It was a great time to go. Here is Kyler with the Jellies. He knew what the were are started to tell me about the part they play in on Nemo. And he is Kyler with a Sea Otter.

Then we headed up to Seaside. We spent the evening walking around the town, riding rides, and playing on the beach. The three of us enjoyed the Tilt a whirl. Kyler and I giggled almost the whole time.

Kyler sleeping.

We finally made it up to Astoria! Drove up to the Astoria column. It was about 8:30pm. I think this was a nice time to go here too. We walked all the way up the 140 something stairs. Great view from up there.

We made our way to Ft. Clatsop the winter camp for Lewis and Clark. Then we headed up to Ft. Stevens.

We toured Ft. Stevens in a n old Army truck. Kyler started to have some melt downs at this point. He didn't want to walk anymore.

Peter Iredale a shipwreck in Ft. Stevens .
We then stopped for a very short visit in Aloha and then we drove I-5 home. And it took forever. Got home at 11:30


Addie said...

Mary-you got some great pictures! Looks like you had an awesome trip! I've been all those places too and walked all those stairs!

Pia said...

Vacation! :)
I love your pics. You always seem to have so much fun and go places to see stuff. That's so cool!

Leah said...

great pictures ~ makes me want to go to the coast!!

Anonymous said...

Kyler looks like a great kid!!!!!!!!!
Parents are cool too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!