Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter bunny and eggs

This is Kyler on Tuesday. We went to see the Easter bunny at the mall with Maci and Leisa. He stood in line fine, watched Maci fine, but when it came to his turn he wanted nothing to do with the bunny until I bribed him with candy and even then he tried to get the bunny to hand him the candy so he didn't have to get up there. I put up there anyway and he was smiling and laughing. He is a weird child.

We picked up his spring pictures and did some shopping. The pictures turned out really good they have anew set up at the JCPenneys.

Yesterday we dyed Easter eggs. Kyler liked it He saw me using a color crayon on the eggs so he had to do the same thing. He is getting done the good manners thing fairly well, he kept asking for the crayon and say please and thank you.

He was also coming down with a cold yesterday and is sick today. We won't be able to go the park Easter Egg Hunt. Which is a bummer. I am hoping he will be feeling better by Sunday so we can atleast do the Easter festivities at home.

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Mama Hen said...

Love the bunny story, your playlist and all those LO's. Your blog is the coolest!