Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter and updates...

So its a little late but we had a really good Easter. Kyler was still a little sick but mostly better. He got 4, yes 4 easter baskets. One from us , one from my dad, one from my mom and Jay and one from Danielle and Andrew. It is a ton of candy. He liked looking for the eggs but needed a little help finding some. This picture in at my mom's house. We had dinner over there Turkey and Ham. I made two cakes and German chocolate cake and strawberry cake with banana cream filing. They were really good. We brought over the Wei and everyone played including my mom. So fun!!

Dan has been working on the deck. We are hoping to have it done by June. Dan and Jay worked on it on Saturday while was in Medford shopping and watching a movie ;) I went with Leann and Cynthia for Leann's birthday. We went to see Perfect Stranger with Bruce Willis and Haley Berry. I liked it, Pretty suspenseful and a little bit of a surprise ending.

Other than that not a whole lot of stuff is going on. Just working and living, enjoying Kyler.

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carrie*postma said...

sounds like a wonderful Easter!!