Thursday, October 06, 2011

Last Weekend

I am posting again in the same week!!! Can you believe it? So Last weekend our little family took a jaunt to a roadside museum, called Applegate Trail Interpretive Center. During the summer Kyler and I went to Coos Bay and on the way home Kyler needed to use a restroom. We were only 16 miles from home but when you gotta go you gotta go. We stopped in Sunny Valley to use the restroom facilities and I saw a for  the Applegate Trail Interpretive Center. I told Kyler that we should check it out sometime.

Here is there website:

We were all very impressed by how well done the place was for being off the beaten path in a small little town like Sunny Valley. Kyler was free and Dan and I were 6.00 dollars each. They had a ton of displays and a 3 screen movie room with a movie that was filmed on the property. We really enjoyed ourselves.

We also walked down to the covered bridge at nearby Grave Creek. Grave Creek was named after Martha Leland Crowley, 16 years old died of typhoid fever during an 1846 encampment and was buried 150 feet north of the creek.

It was a fun little 2 hour excursion. And Kyler got to pick out 2 rocks from the gift shop and the tour guide gave him a buffalo nickle what could be more exciting to a 7 year old boy?!?

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