Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am not sure who came up with the idea but somehow we ended up camping outside in the backyard last night. Kyler loved the tent when we went camping last summer, so he was all for the idea. I got up about 7 am, Dan came in the house with me and is still sleeping as I type on the couch. Kyler came in about 8:00 and wanted to know where all the grown ups went.

I haven't accomplished much this weekend. I did get 4 scrapbook Lo's done and one mini album for my creative team assignment. I can't post them now though :) I have to wait until they are revealed for the store.

Other than that I cleaned house then made a mess again then picked up again then messed up again...

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Audrey said...

I keep saying we're going to camp in the back yard but we've never done it! You've inspired me, we're going to do a little yard camping too! :)