Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The last year of my 20's. What should I do with it? Most birthday's are not pivotal. Sure, there are important ones like your 16th when some people rush out a get their License. Not this person but lots others that I know. And your 18th when you become an adult. And lastly 21 when you become legal :) But what about 29 when you know its your last year of being 20 something. When you make mistakes in your 20's people sometimes attribute them to "Oh, She is only 20 something, you know, still learning yada yada"

Don't get me wrong its not that am feeling old. I am just keep thinking about how I want to start off those 30's. Do I want another baby? Do I want to focus on my Job/Career? Do I want to find the meaning of life??? What do I want to do with myself? and the answers? Well maybe I'll have them next year.


Jamie said...

I vote baby. ;)

Brandi said...

I say live your life to the fullest. Have fun and enjoy your life. Enjoy your children while you are young and so are they. Those are the best parts of life. In the end of your life money and your career don't matter but your family will. Kids grow way to fast as it is. I know how you feel, I've had those thoughts so many times in the last couple of months. My 30th birthday is fastly approaching as well. I'll be 30 on April 24. And I'm focusing my life on my family. My children, my husband, and family. You never know how important they are until you need them and their not there. Mary have fun and enjoy your life. Enjoy your children while they are young. Before they get to the point they don't need us anymore.