Saturday, November 15, 2008


Not much going on today. Kyler and spent the majority of the morning together. We started working on some Christmas gift jars. My awesome friend Darci scored these mayonnaise jars for free. I put Kyler to work helping me wash them. Then Kyler and I made the stuff to go in them. He can be a really good helper when he wants to be.

We decided to go outside for a while so I could work on some pictures for the Scrappy Jo Photo Challenge. Kyler let me take few of him before he remembered that he hates me to take his picture. Dan says its because I filled my quota of picture of Kyler oh about 3 months into his life. The photo over here is on I use the sepia filter on in phototshop. Kind of a fun little treatment.

Well I am off to a birthday party in a bit. Happy Birthday to Noah who turns one today!

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Darci said...

Sweet! I'm awesome!

Great picture of your kitchen helper, I love that sepia treatment too!