Friday, October 31, 2008

Are you ready to party?

We were yesterday we had 3 party's one at preschool where the first two pictures were taken. This Kyler with the teachers daughter. I always tease the teacher that if I could arrange a marriage it would be these two. So when we came in and Sophie was Snow White and Kyler was Dopey. I knew it was meant to be :) This picture will be featured on their wedding invitations. Hehe.

Here is Dopey with a slightly less cute Snow White but I think he loves her none the less. After preschool we headed over to Darci's for the mom's group Halloween Party. This picture has all of the kids with the exception of Noah who was getting dressed. And this believe it or not was the best picture I got of the group.

Last but not least it was Dan's birthday yesterday so we had a little dinner with our friends Darci, Joe and Davey and my dad came over too. Happy Birthday husband of mine. So it was a fun packed day! And it wasn't even Halloween. Heigh Ho.... Heigh Ho... It's off to work I go.


Pia said...

Hi Mary!

You look great as snow white. Beautiful! :)

You've gotten my letter by now, haven't you?

Happy Halloween!
Hugs n kisses /Pia

Darci said...

Great pictures! Love them all! Kyler's future bride is a cutie! He he he. You made a darling Snow White too.