Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some summer pics...

So I have been told that I don't blog enough... ( I hear you Jamie and Darci). While I don't really have much to say I thought I would share some summer photos that I haven't blogged yet...

Isn't he a cutie? This one just kind cracks me up....

Here we are at Wall-E. Kyler was talking about this movie for months and months. We really did like it! We have also been to Kung Fu Panda this summer. Kyler is doing great at the movie now. I hardly have to tell him to sit still.

Lastly, we have a picture of Davey and Kyler in the swimming pool. Kyler isn't so sure about the pool this year. He has been very whiney in there and only likes to sit on the ladder or in the tube. Dan and I are thinking maybe we ruined him with all the big scary water slides in Disney World. I am not sure but one thing for sure he is not as comfortable as last year when he was in swimming lessons.

See our life is really not that exciting at the moment ;). Later this summer we are heading up to Portland to visit my in-laws and stop off at Enchanted Forest. Then in August I am going to Coos Bay to see my Brother and his family. Maybe I'll be more exciting then.

Oh and I have done some scrappy stuff lately... I am all about the cards these days.


Pia said...

Hey you!
I think this is interesting. I love seeing pics! It would be nice if there was one of you as well.
Your cards look really great!
I hope you're having a nice summer.
love, Pia

Darci said...

Very nice and colorful. Hey, I never said you didn't blog enough, that was Jamie! I can't ever complain about that when I don't blog at all. :)