Monday, June 23, 2008

How I sent my weekend... Part 2

From Klamath Falls we drove to the Lava Beds in Tule Lake, Ca. We spent one night at Indian Well campground. The campground was pretty cramped but we managed to find a good spot away from most everyone. It was Kyler's first night ever camping and he loved the sleeping in a tent thing. This him hanging out at our campsite. That night we went to a ranger talk by Amy about the Wonders of the night sky. I thought she did a great job and kept it very interesting. The skies there have much better visibility because they have little light pollution from towns. I didn't however get to check out the telescope she had set up because Kyler was tired.

The Next Morning we checked out the easy caves that the park has listed. There are an esitmated 400 caves there. We went Mushpot, Inidan Well, Sentinel, Valenitne, Heppe, and Skull Cave. Dan went to Golden Dome Cave without us. Kyler really wasn't into the caves. He was scared by how dark they were. But he was a trooper and got through all the ones I listed.

Here are Kyler and Dan in Valentine Cave.
On the recommendation of this FAQ We bought these hats at the visitor center. They made a fun souvenir but for me it probably saved my head from a serious bump and headache.

Kyler and I sitting on the stairs leading to Skull Cave.

The very first picture and this one were taken at Petroglyph Point with in the park. These carvings were made by the ancient Modoc people when this are was a island in the middle of Tule Lake. They estimate them to be about 5,000 years old.

We had a blast! I was pretty apprehensive but I really enjoyed myself and it was a great little family trip.


Tana said...

Looks like so much fun. I might have to plan a trip.

Amy said...

Oh these will be great pictures to scrapbook.