Thursday, February 07, 2008

just me

I have been a bad blogger lately again. There really isn't much to say. We have just been busy doing the mundane. Right now I am sitting here watching Dan once again play Guitar Hero.

We are all doing well. Kyler and I finished his Valentines last night. We got through 3 Kyler signature before Kyler got tired of writing his name. He recognizes lots of letter and can tell you that K is for Kyler. A is for apple. S is for snake and Sandy.

Well I am yawning like crazy so I think this is all I have in me tonight.

1 comment:

Pia said...

finally an update :)
I hope you got the letter I sent you a couple of weeks ago?
I also hope that everything is fine with you, eventhough you haven't been blogging much lately. :)
Love ya! /Pia