Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Life unscripted

So... Its been a while. I find it so hard to write about negative stuff. Friday, I found out that I may or may not have a job after July 24. The funding for my position has been cut. My supervisor is looking at what options we have. She is trying to find a way to keep me in my current position or maybe she will make another position a job share. Not sure. Or I may not have anything at all. Its been way stressful. As much as working there can suck and does on occasion, I can not see myself being anywhere else. I was very upset on Friday and have been trying to be positive about the whole thing. I love my hours, I love the people... Well most of them. On the home front all is well. I am thinking about taking Kyler outside for a little sun, maybe filling up the kiddie pool and washing the car.


scrapmamma said...

So sorry to hear about your job. Praying for you.

Pia said...

i really hope everything works out and you get to keep your job!

did you get the letter I sent you?

kisses from Sweden ;)

carrie*postma said...

sorry to hear that mary...prayerfully, everything will work out!